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    Business meetings for logistics and
    supply chain decision-makers

    Top Logistics Europe is a B to B event where logistics and supply chain decision-makers with specific problems come to meet companies, in one-to-one meetings, specialised in logistics, supply chain and transportation.

    Far from the hustle and bustle of a trade show, Top Logistics Europe offers you a concrete and effective format, a real tool for development and decision support, to create and develop new reliable commercial relationships with decision-makers and buyers whose needs and skills are identified and qualified prior to the event.



    Why come...

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    Create new reliable business relationships

    Schedule formal interviews with key players. We provide you with the complete technical sheets referencing the precise needs and / or skills of all participants. 80 exhibitors and 120 decision makers are expected.

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    Save time in prospection

    We bring together national and / or international players during 2 days for pre- programmed business meetings. The equivalent of several months of prospecting.

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    Enjoy a friendly networking atmosphere

    In addition to meetings, enjoy exchanges during informal gatherings, joint meals, cocktail parties, conferences and expert workshops that promote quality relationships conducive to business.

    Launch offer: by registering with Top Logistics Europe and Top Transport Europe, you will receive an immediate 5% discount on both events!


    To offer you quality content, our program highlights the current issues facing Logistics Departments and will allow you to perfect your knowledge on specific subjects and facilitate exchanges with your counterparts.

    Download the lectures & workshop program

    Logistics service contract: rules to apply

    In practice, unlike transport, there is no real standard storage contract. At most, we have standard models from professional federations or specialized works. We are therefore often in a tailor-made construction ...which must still obey a few specific rules. Speaker: Jean-Paul MEYRONNEINC, Directeur MEYRONNE FCE

    Warehouse / carrier liability: what differences?

    In the event of a dispute over the goods, the consequences are not the same (compensation, prescriptions, burden of proof, etc.). And the situation gets worse when you are in a warehouse that becomes incidental to a transport operation. Or vice versa. Speaker: Jean-Paul MEYRONNEINC, Directeur MEYRONNE FCE

    Your Safety First at
    Top Logisitcs Europe

    We are committed in securing the safest event environment for all our participants. We are continuously working with our dedicated logistics team, event team and city authorities to guarantee that our event has your security and well-being as our top priority.

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    +33 1 76 77 17 64